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This page was last updated in February 2023.

Present grants:

Rafal Dunin-Borkowski is currently a principal or named investigator on the following European Union grants:


   2023 - 2027   

HORIZON-INFRA-2022-TECH-01-01 grant led by R Ciancio (PI).

Title: "Interoperable electron Microscopy Platform for advanced RESearch and Services (IMPRESS)".

Total amount awarded: €10.0 M.




   2022 - 2026   

HORIZON-INFRA-2021-SERV-01-04 grant (project number 101058414) led by S Facsko (PI).

Title: "Recyclable materials development at analytical research infrastructures (ReMade@ARI)".

Total amount awarded: €13.7 M.





   2020 - 2026   

Synergy Grant of the European Research Council (project number 856538) with S Blügel, M Kläui and T Rasing.

Title: "Three-dimensional magnetization textures: Discovery and control on the nanoscale (3D MAGiC)".

Total amount awarded: €11.9M.




   2019 - 2023   

H2020-INFRAIA-2018-1 grant (project number 823717) led by P van Aken (PI).

Title: "Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy (ESTEEM 3)".

Total amount awarded: €10.0 M.





He is also currently a principal or named investigator on the following national and transnational grants:


   2020 - 2024   

Sub-project leader in Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Collaborative Research Centre/ Transregio 270 (1st funding period) led by O Gutfleisch and M Farle (PIs).

Title: "Hysteresis design of magnetic materials for efficient energy conversion (HoMMage)".

Total amount awarded: €11.1M.





   2018 - 2021   

DARPA "Topological Excitations in Electronics" Program grant led by O Boulle (PI).

Title: "Manipulation of magnetic skyrmions for logic-in-memory applications".

Total amount awarded: €6.0M.





   2018 - 2020   

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft grant (project number 392476493) to support collaboration between Germany and China.

Title: "Atomic resolution determination of spin configuration at interfaces in functional materials in the transmission electron microscope".

Total amount awarded: €359k.





   2017 - 2020   

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft grant with O Guillon and R de Souza.

Title: "Electric field assisted diffusion and sintering of polycrystalline ceria".

Total amount awarded: €700k.





   2016 - 2020   

Sub-project leader in Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Collaborative Research Centre 917 (2nd funding period) led by M Wuttig and R Waser (PIs).

Title: "Resistively Switching Chalcogenides for Future Electronics - Structure, Kinetics, and Device Scalability (Nanoswitches)".

Total amount awarded: €9.3M.





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Past grants awarded while in Forschungszentrum Jülich (2011 - ):


   2017 - 2021   

H2020-FETOPEN-2016-2017 grant (project number 766970) led by V Grillo (PI).

Title: "The Quantum Sorter - A new measurement paradigm in electron microscopy (Q-SORT)".

Total amount awarded: €3.0M.





   2017 - 2019   

Proof of Concept Grant of the European Research Council (project number 780487).

Title: "Versatile and innovative detector for electron optics (VIDEO)".

Total amount awarded: €150k.




   2014 - 2019   

Deutsch-Israelische Projektkooperation grant with A Arie.

Title: "Science and applications of electron wave-functions shaped and manipulated by engineered nanoholograms".

Total amount awarded: €1.6M.





   2017 - 2019   

DAAD PPP Programme Germany-Slovenia bilateral project with A Recnik.

Title: "Atomic-scale investigations of twinning and polytypism in natural diamonds".

Total amount awarded: €5460.





   2016 - 2019   

H2020-NMP-23-2015 grant (project number 686053) led by J Akola (PI).

Title: "Towards replacement of critical catalyst materials by improved nanoparticle control and rational design (CRITCAT)".

Total amount awarded: €4.5M.






Grant from the Sino-German Center for Research Promotion to support the 1st Sino-German Symposium on Advanced Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Materials, Beijing, China, between 31 October and 4 November 2016.

Total amount awarded: 262k RMB (€36k).





   2015 - 2017   

Bessel award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to support an extended visit to Forschungszentrum Jülich by V Grillo from CNR Istituto Nanoscience, Modena, Italy.

Total amount awarded: €40k.





   2015 - 2017   

Helmholtz International Fellowship to support extended visits to Forschungszentrum Jülich by D J Smith from Arizona State University, USA.

Total amount awarded: €20k.





   2014 - 2018   

Marie Curie Initial Training Network FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN (project number 606988) led by W Werner (PI).

Title: "Sources, interaction with matter, detection and analysis of low energy electrons 2 (SIMDALEE2)".

Total amount awarded: €4.0M.





   2014 - 2017   

Swiss National Science Foundation grant with C Ballif, C Hébert and S Goedecker.

Title: "Impact of composition and nanometer scale DISorder in transparent Conductive Oxides: a new route to design materials with enhanced transport properties (DisCO)".

Total amount awarded: 1.018M SFr (€838k).





   2014 - 2015   

Umbrella project with the Technion, Haifa, Israel.

Title: "Experimental construction of equilibrium segregation isotherms using advanced transmission electron microscopy".

Total amount awarded: €30k.





   2013 - 2018   

Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (project number 320832).

Title: "Imaging magnetism in nanostructures using electron holography (IMAGINE).

Total amount awarded: €2.5M.




   2013 - 2018   

Grant for a Helmholtz International Research Group (project number HIRG-0014) with Ph Ebert and B Grandidier to support collaboration between Germany and France.

Title: "Dopant mapping and side wall characterization of III-V semiconductor nanowires for solar cell applications by scanning tunneling microscopy".

Total amount awarded: €200k.





   2013 - 2016   

Collaborating partner on a Danish Council for Strategic Research grant with J Schou (PI).

Title: "Chalcogenide solar cells of CZTS - copper zinc tin sulfide - a new high-efficiency material for low-tech solar cells of earth-abundant and environmentally friendly elements (CHALSOL)".

Total amount awarded: 16.38M DKK (€2.2M).





   2013 - 2015   

BMBF grant.

Title: "Quanteninterferometer mit neuartigen HTc-Josephson-Kontakten für hochempfindliche Magnetfeld-Messsysteme".

Total amount awarded: €29k.





   2013 - 2014   

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft "CONICET-DFG 2012" grant with M S Moreno, to support collaboration between Germany and Argentina.

Title: "Application of advanced electron microscopy techniques to energy materials".

Total amount awarded: €9.4k.





   2012 - 2018   

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Core Facility grant with J Mayer.

Title: "Das Ernst Ruska-Centrum für Mikroskopie und Spektroskopie mit Elektronen: nationales Nutzerzentrum für ultrahochauflösende Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie".

Total amount awarded: €570k.





   2012 - 2016   

FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2012-1 grant (project number 312483) led by E Snoeck (PI).

Title: "Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy (ESTEEM 2)".

Total amount awarded: €7.5M.





   2012 - 2015   

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft grant with J V Pacheco-Espejel (PI).

Title: "Effects of the nanostructuring of clathrates M8Ga16∓xGe30±x (M=Ba) on thermoelectric properties: synthesis, characterization and modelling".

Total amount awarded: €368k.





   2012 - 2015   

NERC grant (project number NE/J020508/1) with A Muxworthy (PI).

Title: "Predicting the reliability with which the geomagnetic field can be recorded in igneous rocks".

Total amount awarded: 228k (€277k).





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Past grants awarded while in the Technical University of Denmark (2006 - 2011):


   2011 - 2014   

Collaborating partner on an FP7-REGPOT-CT-2011 grant (project number 285895) led by A Fernandez Camacho (PI).

Title: "AL-NANOFUNC - Advanced Laboratory for the NANO-Analysis of Novel FUNCtional Materials".

Total amount awarded: €2.7M.





   2010 - 2013   

Swiss National Science Foundation grant with J Van herle and A Hessler-Wyser.

Title: "IN SItu TEm study of reduction and reoxidation of Ni(O)-ceramic composite (INSITE)".

Total amount awarded: 225k SFr (€170k).





   2010 - 2013   

FP7-ENERGY-2009 -1 grant (project number 241277) with W Soppe (PI), D Fischer, W Schipper, M Topic, G Sánchez Plaza, K Leitner and others.

Title: "Improved material quality and light trapping in thin film silicon solar cells (SILICON-Light)".

EC contribution: €5.98M.





   2010 - 2013   

NERC grant (project number EACPR_P26419) with A Muxworthy (PI) and W Williams

Title: "The effect of chemical alteration on the fidelity of palaeomagnetic pseudo single domain recorders".

Total amount awarded: 300k (€365k).





   2010 - 2013   

NorTEMnet (Nordic transmission electron microscopy network) NordForsk grant with R Holmestad, E Olsson and J Ruokolainen.

Total amount awarded: 900k NoK (€113k).





   2010 - 2013   

FP7 grant (project number 245162) with S Weigel, E Huusfeldt Larsen, K Mølhave and others.

Title: "NanoLyse - Nanoparticles in food: analytical methods for detection and characterisation".

Total amount awarded: €2.95M.





   2010 - 2011   

Otto Mønsted fellowship to support a three month visiting Professorship in the Technical University of Denmark for G Pozzi from the University of Bologna.

Total amount awarded: 186k DKr (€25k).





   2009 - 2014   

UNIK grant with J Nørskov (PI), I Chorkendorff, J-D Grunwaldt and M Mogensen.

Title: "The Catalysis discovery initiative: Sustainable energy solutions".

Total amount awarded: 120M DKr (€16.1M).





   2009 - 2014   

Team Member on an ERC-2008-AdG grant (proposal number 227690) with T Dietl (PI), A Bonnani, J Gaj and J Majewski.

Title: "FunDMS - Functionalisation of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors".

Total amount awarded: €2.44M.





   2009 - 2010   

Otto Mønsted fellowship to support a three month visiting Professorship in the Technical University of Denmark for M R McCartney from Arizona State University.

Total amount awarded: 186k DKK (€25k).





   2008 - 2011   

Collaborating partner in a Villum Kann Rasmussen Center of Excellence led by J Mørk (PI).

Title: "NAnophotonics for TErabit Communications (NATEC)".

Total amount awarded: 25M DKK (€3.35M).





   2008 - 2011   

FP7-NMP-2007-SMALL-1 grant (project number 214814) with K Deppert (PI), F Dimroth, B Witzigmann, M Magnusson and J Stangl.

Title: "AMON-RA - Architectures, Materials and One-dimensional Nanowires for Photovoltaics - Research and Applications".

Total amount awarded: €3.2M.





In his role as Director of the Center for Electron Nanoscopy in the Technical University of Denmark, Rafal Dunin-Borkowski was also a named investigator on the following research grants and/or a co-supervisor of students or scientists funded from them:


   2011 - 2015   

Danish Council for Independent Research Sapere Aude grant with K Mølhave (PI). "Liquid EM - Electron microscopy of processes in liquids".

Total amount awarded: 7.05M DKK (€946k).





   2011 - 2015   

Grant entitled "Functional Electrospun Nanostructures and Microstructures for Food and Bioengineering Applications (FENAMI)" with I Chronakis, A Meyer and K Qvortrup.

Total amount awarded: 14.9M DKK (€2.0M).





   2011 - 2014   

FTP grant entitled "Imaging nanoelectronics live by transmission electron microscopy" led by K Mølhave.

Total amount awarded: 5.7M DKK (€765k).





   2009 - 2013   

Danish Natural Science Research Council grant (Steno stipend) entitled "Fysiske principper for selvorganiserede materialer" awarded to C Frandsen.

Total amount awarded: 4.05M DKK (€545k).





   2009 - 2012   

FP7 grant entitled "Technotubes (Technology for Wafer-Scale Carbon Nanotube Applications)" awarded to P Bøggild, K Mølhave and colleagues.

Total amount awarded: €8.12M.





   2008 - 2012   

FP7-NMP-2007 grant entitled "NANOTOUGH - Nanostructured toughened hybrid nanocomposites for high performance applications" awarded to A Horsewell and M E Vigild.

Total amount awarded: €5.09M.





   2008 - 2011   

FTP grant entitled "Nanoengineered graphene devices" awarded to P Bøggild (PI), A-P Jauho, T Garm Pedersen and M Brandbyge.

Total amount awarded: 5.6M DKK (€750k).





   2008 - 2011   

FP7-NMP-2007 grant entitled "Understanding interactions between cells and nano-patterned surfaces" awarded to K Mølhave and colleagues.

Total amount awarded: €3.96M.





   2008 - 2011   

FTP grant entitled "Grain boundary engineering of functional thin films" awarded to K Pantleon and M Somers.

Total amount awarded: 4.1M DKK (€550k).





   2008 - 2011   

FTP grant entitled "Micro alloyed high strength net shape components" awarded to N Tiedje, A Horsewell and J Hattel.

Total amount awarded: 1.3M DKK (€175k).





   2008 - 2011   

Fødevareforsknings programmet grant entitled "Omega-3 food emulsions. Control and investigations of molecular structure in relation to lipid oxidation" awarded to A Horsewell and C Jacobsen.

Total amount awarded: 1.3M DKK (€175k).





   2008 - 2011   

FTP grant entitled "The influence of stress on growth- and transformation kinetics of interstitial alloys" awarded to T L Christensen, M Somers and K Pantleon.

Total amount awarded: 2.7M DKK (€360k).





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Past grants awarded while in the University of Cambridge (2001 - 2007):


   2006 - 2009   

NERC/ EPSRC grant (NE/D002036/1) with W Williams (PI), R J Harrison and A Muxworthy.

Title: "How do magnetic interactions in nanoscale intergrowths affect palaeomagnetic interpretations?".

Total amount awarded: 427k.





   2005 - 2008   

ESF EUROCORES EuroMinScI grant (05_EMINS_FP13) with R J Harrison (PI), R Pentcheva, W Moritz, M Winklhofer, U Halenius and S A McEnroe.

Title: "Magnetism and microstructure: from the nanometre to the planetary scale".

Total amount awarded: €880k.





   2004 - 2007   

Ph.D. studentship funded by Johnson Matthey Plc, entitled "The application and development of novel electron microscopy techniques to platinum group metal catalysts".






Royal Society India-UK Science Network grant (JEB/16191/INDIA) to fund a visit to Cambridge by P Parameswaran from the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research in Kalpakkam, India, from May to August 2004.

Title: "The application of electron tomography and electron holography to the study of secondary carbides in ferritic steels".

Total amount awarded: 4k.





   2003 - 2007   

Collaborative project with A Tonomura of the Hitachi Advanced Research Laboratory in Hatoyama, Japan, funded by the RIKEN Frontier Research System, entitled "Single Quantum Manipulation", to support a postdoctoral research scientist and equipment in Cambridge.

Total amount awarded: 340k.






Royal Society conference grant (29423/032/C4) to attend the "Frontiers of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science" meeting in San Francisco in October 2003.

Total amount awarded: 1k.





   2002 - 2005   

EPSRC grant (GR/R97986/01) with P A Midgley (PI) and C H W Barnes.

Title: "Electron holography of semiconductor junctions: developing a reliable methodology for the microelectronics industry".

Total amount awarded: 263k.

Click here to see the final report on this grant.





   2002 - 2004   

Royal Society joint project (14475) with C P Liu of the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.

Title: "Novel TEM techniques for the quantitative analysis of nanomaterials".

Total amount awarded: 7k.





   2002 - 2003   

Royal Society research grant (RSRG22560) for the purchase of specimen preparation equipment for electron microscopy.

Total amount awarded: 9k.





   2001 - 2005   

Member of European Research Network (GDR-E), organised by M J Hÿtch, funding visits by scientists between approximately ten different laboratories in Europe.

Title: "Quantification and measurement in transmission electron microscopy".





   2000 - 2007   

Royal Society University Research Fellowship.

Title: "Electron holography of magnetic and electric fields in nanostructured materials".

Total amount awarded: 249k.





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Past grants awarded while in Oxford University (1999 - 2000):


   2000 - 2002   

NATO Science Programme collaborative linkage grant with A Putnis (PI) and M Posfai.

Title: "Biogenic iron minerals and their magnetic properties".

Total amount awarded: 5k.





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